Hello There! My name is Jasdeep Singh, I live in the Greater Toronto Area, work as the chief hacker at Metaware Labs Inc. where we specialize in crafting beautifully designed mobile and web apps. I also rock a Turban as seen in the picture above. 🙂

I like to “Engineer” things and work on creative ideas that involve the Web and anything that talks to web (your phone for example). I enjoy learning new technologies and languages on and off and keep exploring whatever latest comes out. I’m a lifelong learner and quite humble at that.

I’m also quite passionate about education, hence I teach Backend Development courses at Brainstation in Toronto.

I was born and raised by 2 lovely people in the beautiful city of Jalandhar, Punjab and did most of my schooling from there.

Jasdeep’s area of expertise include (but is not limited to) web application development, mobile apps development, technology management, hardware hacking and development, DevOps, Solutioning enterprise grade backends and frontends. Jasdeep’s primary native language for years has been Ruby, but he enjoys calling himself a Polyglot and keeps his tool stack full of various neat tricks and prefers applying right tool for the right job to solve business needs and requirements in the most efficient and concise manner as possible. A big time proponent of TDD/BDD, Agile and Open Source ideology, Jasdeep enjoys working on challenging projects and problems that require serious thought process and creative problem solving. Lately, Jasdeep’s focus has been full stack development requiring end-to-end involvement with frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone, Rails, NodeJS & Django etc. It’s quite easy to get him excited by striking a conversation involving scale and traffic heavy applications and endeavours.