Rails Pub Night, Ruby Meetups & Learn to Code Bootcamps in Toronto

iltni2014 is right around the corner and you’ve decided to pick up some new chops. Perhaps you’ve decided to learn how to write code and software? If yes, there couldn’t have been a better time to make such a decision – Software is eating up the world and demand has increased insanely for developers, engineers and programmers. If you happen to be living in the beautiful city of Toronto, there are plenty of opportunities for one to network with like minded people and plenty of learning opportunities available as well.

Learn to Code:

Bitmaker Labs: 9 week long full time bootcamp focusing on Ruby on Rails. More info here: http://bitmakerlabs.com

BrainStation: I don’t have much details yet, but starting sometime in 2014. Part-time evening & weekend courses on frontend (HTML, JS, CSS) & backend (Ruby on Rails) technologies. http://brainstation.it

HackerYou: Full time courses on frontend development, responsive design etc. More information here: http://hackeryou.com

LadiesLearningCode: Being a huge supporter of Women in technology & entrepreneurship, I think this is a great endeavour. LadiesLearningCode is a not for profit, women run group organizing one day workshops to empower and encourage women to enter the technology space. More info can be found here: http://ladieslearningcode.com

Update: Dima in the comments mentioned that there is also this website if you want to compare such bootcamps side by side.


Rails Pub Night: It’s a friendly Pub Night organized by Unspace that takes place 3rd Monday of every month except in December at The Rhino. Usually,  Rails developers, recruiters & startup founders show up to  recruit talent, talk about their projects etc. It’s a nice event to get to know some like minded people and share your wisdom over a couple pints of Beer. Recruiters scouting for talent usually stand up on a chair or bench to introduce their company, what they do and what sort of talent they might be looking for? And they buy everyone 2-4 pitchers of Beer.

Ruby Hack Night: Organized by the good folks from Toronto Ruby Brigade, there is no particular format of the events organized by the Brigade except that the Hack Nights occur usually every 4th Monday of the month and people usually break into teams of 4-5 developers per team and try to hash out on a problem for the evening. One off events lately have included Talks and Q&A sessions from Authors & other seasoned  Rubyists  from the community. Check the Toronto Ruby Brigade page here.

  • http://www.bootcamps.in/ Dima Ivaȵov

    Programming boot camps from Toronto could be compared side-by-side at http://www.bootcamps.in/toronto/

    • narangjasdeep

      Thanks Dima, I was not aware of this website/tool. I will update my post.

  • krinye

    Any good books that you can recommend on ruby for a newbie? Don’t think I can afford bootcamp – costs are too high

    • narangjasdeep

      I would highly recommend Eloquent Ruby for some one new to Ruby. http://eloquentruby.com/

      PS: It doesn’t go into any other stuff such as Web or Desktop development. Focuses totally on Ruby.