Installing Redis on Mac OS X

This post explains how you can install Redis on your Mac OS X system. The instructions will stay pretty much same for any Linux/Unix based system.

If you have Homebrew:

If you don’t have Homebrew:

Grab the latest copy of Redis from this link. At the time of this writing the latest stable release is 2.4.14. Follow the instructions below now.

  • Download Redis. I downloaded redis to my Downloads folder on Mac.
  • First execute the make test command to make sure Redis can complete a clean install on your computer.
  • If no problems were found, continue by executing make on your terminal
  • Next, move these 2 directories into your /usr/bin directory. You’ll need to do this as the sudo user.
  • Now, make a hidden redis directory in your home folder and add a config file called redis.conf into this folder. You can consult the Redis Documentation on what options/parameters you can configure using this conf file.
  • Start up the redis server using:

30 thoughts on “Installing Redis on Mac OS X

  1. Thank for the great info! I thought I should mention during the make test process I kept getting the Mac OS X admin authorization window (where you have to enter your password for your Mac OS X account) in case anyone else runs into the same issue. I had to enter my password a bunch of times to complete the make test process. I’m sure this would not be necessary if I ran the command with sudo or as root.

    1. Thanks for sharing this Julia, I hope this helps other folks who might face a similar issue. I’ll update the post with your findings.

    1. There is no difference as such, the homebrew way is much preferred if you have homebrew installed already. I think i’ll add those steps in too..

    1. Please note the 98081 number will be unique to your setup and you’ll get it from the first command.

      1. doesn’t seem to work:
        $ redis-server - stop
        Usage: ./redis-server [/path/to/redis.conf]
        ./redis-server - (read config from stdin)
        ./redis-server --test-memory
        $ redis-server --version
        Redis server version 2.4.17

  2. Github links seem to be broken, “Could not embed GitHub Gist 5628569: API rate limit exceeded for (But here’s the good news: Authenticated requests get a higher rate limit. Check out the documentation for more details.)”

  3. brew install redis

    Note that homebrew sort of “namespaces” the location of redis.conf file on Mac OS X something like this:


    …and also…


    On Linux this would be simply: /etc/redis/redis.conf

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